About Me

Do you feel like you are not getting ANYWHERE when it comes to your blog/website?

Simply put, there are not enough hours in the day to do ALL of the things.

I can help make your time more valuable!

I am Nicole a Freelance Writer for hire. I save you time, money and procrastination.

I have expert knowledge in Content writing, blogging, email marketing, and copywriting.

My content/copy is:

  • Easy to Read
  • Fun and Unique
  • Informative
  • Easy to scan
  • Search Engine Friendly

I have expert knowledge and personal experience in:

  • Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging

When I am not blogging or writing content for my websites, you will find me being a mom to two beautiful kiddos and enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee while it’s still hot.

Interested in working together visit my HIRE ME page for further information!

Why Choose Me?

As a millennial mom of two and a Registered Nurse of 8 years, I have expert knowledge in numerous areas. I treat my freelance writing as a business and am not a stranger to meeting deadlines. I love a challenge and I perform well under pressure.

My passion is my writing and with each article or blog post I right I put my heart and soul into that piece. I believe everything that is created should be unique. Each piece should be a MASTERPIECE!

I bring compelling content and marketing experience from first hand knowledge.

I have a blog that I manage and I am working on a digital product to sell to my audience. If you would like to check out my click the link below:

Mom Life Amour– Parenting, pregnancy and relationships blog

When you hire me you will not only get a writer, you will get not only someone that truly knows how to write but you will also get:

A Collaborator: Someone that will work with you to get you where you need to be .

An Editor: needing someone to take a peek at your post, send it my way and Ill check it out and spruce it up.

A Copy Writer: I write with the intention to attract readers to content. All content should be produced with a purpose.

Some Things About Me

  • I spent 10 years in College and hold several different degrees. My most prevalent one is in Nursing which I still practice. The medical field excites me and I love caring for people.
  • I run a side business along with blogging and freelance writing, making decals, shirts, coffee mugs, and other things!
  • I binge watch Netflix dramas on the regular (rather when my husband is working).
  • We have 3 dogs a cat and 4 chickens on our little farm.